Thursday, December 1, 2016

Complaint Letter To The Menaces

Stefan Keller
999 Coyote Valley

The Menaces
101 Coyote Valley

Dear Mr and Mrs Menace

I am writing this letter to complain about your son and his dog. Just yesterday they trespassed on my property, put super sticky super glue on some toilet paper and threw it on my house. I had to peel of the paint to take it off. Also, one week ago there was a pool of mud on my lawn. It smelt of dog droppings, turns out it was dog droppings! If I have to complain again you will find your dog and son on the grill.

Not Cheers


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Finding Dory 
Do you know where my family is?
“Dad Dory is sleep swimming again” said Nemo “Dory it is the middle of the night’’ Said Marlin. Dory had a dream about her family and when she was little. Dory is as blue as the sky she missed her blue family.

Finding Dory By Charlotte

Do you know where my family is?
“Dad Dory is sleep swimming again” said Nemo “Dory it is the middle of the night’’ Said Marlin. Dory had a dream about her family and when she was little. Dory is as blue as the sky she missed her blue family. 

In the morning Dory woke up and started saying “last night I had a dream about um my family” she then asked Marlin  if he would help her to find her family. “Yes“ he said as they swum through the deepest part of the sea where no one has ever been sawn again. Dory says “I have short time memory loss i think it runs through my family”. Then Dory saw a net and went closer and closer her fin got stuck in the net. The chief Pulled up the net and grabbed Dory and threw  her in a chilli bin and in his boat went back to shaw.

He got out of his boat grabbed the chilli boat got in his car and drove to his seafood restaurant. He got a pot and filled it with stock and vegetables he then got Dory and put her in the pot he pushed a button to get the heat at the bottom. In time before Dory got killed a marine biologist saw her and took her to a pet store and after 4 hour a little girl bought Dory and loved her forever.

If you lose someone very important to you don't stop keep on looking for them because you could find them
.Image result for dory
Finding Dory trailer

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Dream-Mare // Stefan

The Dream-Mare

9:00 pm. I put on my cow pajamas and got ready for bed. Teeth check, shower, check, teddys, check and blankets, check.

I pulled down the covers and climbed into bed.I started counting cows, 1 cow, 5 cows, 10 cows, 7 cows. I finally dozed off to sleep like a hibernating bear.

In the morning I woke up, but where was I? Had my parents dumped me inside an abandoned shack. I was freezing and scared. Eerie noises filled my ears as a cow with fire red eyes looked at me through the window.

A herd of flesh eating cows came towards me with their razor sharp teeth. Luckily my parents forced me to take karate lessons so I tried to bicycle kick one but it caught me in its horns and threw me outside.

The cows charged but as fast as lightning I ducked under one of their bellies and tickled its belly. It roared in laughter. After ten seconds it was on the ground suffocating of laughter and soon died. One down five to go. I repeated the process until there was one left. I went for the belly but it was to fast and gobbled me up in his teeth.

All of a sudden I woke up in my nice warm bed.”Phew” it was only a dream. Or was it…

Screenshot 2016-06-21 at 11.31.38.png

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Attention beach lovers we have some bad news: Image result for bad news sign

Yesterday beach lovers saw something terrible. It happened at St Clair Beach. The high tide and gale force winds made a very big sinkhole. We asked a citizen what happened here is what he said…
“I was walking along the beach with his dog and then I saw it a sinkhole about
20m x 20m x 20m” he said that it was probably erosion. But he was really surprised that the waves got up that far. We are now filling the hole up with sand again the workers said the pouring the sand into the hole will be finished by wednesday and that replanting the
sand dunes will take on day.

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My Home Holiday - by Brock Wilson

My Home Holiday

In the holidays I started playing Forza Horizon it's a racing game based off Forza Motorsport and there’s tons of championship’s that you can compete in and street races that you can win millions of dollars. Plus you can even win other people's cars, but do be careful because you can lose your own car too. You also have to work your way up to getting other bands, in the holidays
I went from the green band to the
blue band to the pink band then
to the orange band. I have two
Ferrari's two Lamborghinis
and a super fast lotus
they are all fully
and all
paint jobs.

The other thing I did in the holiday’s  is I watched  the road to El Dorado in my room
on netflix , my favorite character is the
horse because it is the funniest character in the movie. My favorite part is when the horse pushes the two main characters down the 400,000,000 steps of El Dorado. And after the movie I got a sty in my eye.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Evil Easter Bunny - Ella.L

Have you ever seen the Easter bunny's twin Jeff? Well you don't want to. Date 2016 Sunday march 26 the night Jeff attacks. Jeff is getting ready to kill little innocent lives while his brother perfect Pat is putting out chocolate eggs. It’s time to kill some kiddies. First house 12 Mulberry Lane a kid called Katie he ate everything but saved a little blood for samples next house. 11A Douglas Street two kids called Jessica and Molly he got some ear wax then stuffed their heads in his mouth then sucked the rest of the body in his mouth. Next house was 13 Churchill Road some kids called Flynn, Willow and Bella were watching TV. Jeff turned up and ate their brains and their eyeballs then nibbled them to death with his big buck teeth. Last house 17 Freddy Lane Mya and Holly were having a sleepover at Holly's house they were playing in Holly's room. Then Jeff came over and ripped some hearts out and also got some lunges then ripped apart their flesh then swallowed them whole. He hopped as fast as a cheetah back home he got all of his ingredients then chucked in some of his hair he plucked then woof a huge monster came alive he was to strong they disappeared into their own realm and made their own empire. Back at earth Katie, Flynn, Willow, Bella, Mya and Holly all reappeared back.

Image result for easter bunny prank
Jeff the Easter Bunny's twin brother.

Scary Easter Bunny // Stefan

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.02.54 PM.png
Once there was a teenager who loved easter. She was very desperate to catch the easter bunny in the act so she camped out in her hut and waited. At about midnight she heard these grunting and sliding noises coming towards her. She saw two bright blue eyes, a nose and two ears. She jumped up and screamed “the easter bunny, I found you at last” but he turned away, went to the closet ate all her soft toys and closed himself in. I waited for about an hour locked the closet door and decided to get some rest. She didn't get to sleep easily because of the easter bunny in her closet but she dozed off eventually. She woke up at about the middle of the night and saw the easter bunny in front of her bed with a chainsaw in his hands. He pulled the string and the chainsaw roared to life. Blood splattered for miles and organs flew onto the windows. And if you're wondering why the easter bunny is evil, than let me take you back 30 years. 30 years ago everything was normal, the easter bunny was dropping eggs all over the place and the kids found and ate them. But one day these tenagers saw the easter bunny and thought he was a weirdo in an easter bunny costume so the threw egg nog at him. The easter bunny was highly allergic to egg noc so it turned him evil, so from there on he said he would murder every teenager and younger (because they would be a teenager when they grow up). And from now on he has followed his own promise. In the morning the mother came to wake up her daughter and saw tons of blood on the windows. Then someone whipped the blood of from the inside. At first she thought it was her daughter but soon she found out it was a bunny, an evil bunny. The door unlocked and out came the bunny…

To Be Continued!!!