Sunday, February 28, 2016

Time Machine By Charlotte Mckinlay

It is 2390 I invented the flying coffee cup. When you fill it up it it can take you anywhere like the future or the past. I filled it up and had a drink of it I wished I could go to the future and guess what happened I was there in a second.

In the future they had flying cars talking phones and many more weird things. I was walking down the street  drinking coffee and a man stole my cup. I ran as fast as I could and followed him.

He walk sneaking into a cave I wondered why he was there. Smelly revolting monsters were everywhere yelling and screaming there heads off. I asked the guy if I could have tea with him he said yes.

Once he saw my cup he got me water I grabbed my cup and went to the future so I made a machine to go to the future. Once I caught him I wrapped him in rope and broke the remote.

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