Monday, March 14, 2016

The Dream Catcher - Jess

Have you ever wondered who controls your nightmares? I the dream catcher do. I crack nightmare eggs on children and the dream catcher cracks good dream eggs.

I creep through the window shutters leading into a orphanage and see a little girl. On the end of her bed it said seven year old girl named Emily. I looked beside her bed and saw a book that said “The Dino War” it looked so i turned to chapter nine called the blood pouring. Then picked an egg out of my bag and cracked it on the page.

I could see her shaking. Then she woke up in a screaming fit. I evilly creeped out as quietly as can be.

Motto: Never ever leave a scary book beside your bed.
By Jess

dream catcher Issy

The dream catcher
Have you ever wondered why you have bad dreams well let me tell you. I’m the evil dream catcher when the dream giver comes and gives a happy dream to a child i come and put a nightmare?

On a quiet night i hid lurking in the shadows waiting for the dream giver. He stopped creep out of the window at 1000 miles a second of the orphanage. I crawl in through a small window i see a big book of haunted tales beside the little boys bed.

I open the page to chapter 5 the haunted house of the girl. I crack open the egg let it rip There's going to be  a great terrifying nightmare tonight.

They wake up screaming i scurry off evil as i am wait for the next evil scary story :moto: never leave scary books beside your bed at night.   
by Issy
video here

Surachi: The magical wizard - Olive

Surachi: The Magical Wizard - Olive

Once there was an intelligent wizard. His name was Surachi. One day Surachi was having a peaceful morning when…
Five horrid men were fighting over the king’s throne and fame. On a cold Wednesday, at dawn, those five men were at it again. Now they were fighting over the jewel encrusted crown. Surachi desire was to put a stop to it and so he did. Surachi eternally turned them into stone.
So be grateful for who you are and what you have . Keep your mind off other people's property and fame.

The Plane Crash - Jess

Today is the day! I have been packing all morning. The taxi   came to  a  stop. I was at the airport. I  jumped out of the taxi and ran excitedly into the airport.  I took the first flight to Hawaii. “Hawaii here I come” I shouted. As we were flying over the Tasman Sea I heard a Bang coming from the back of the plane. Smoke is pouring in and sparks fly around me. Next thing I found myself lying on an island. I put my jacket over my head and counted to ten. I took it off and  all the sparks and smoke were gone. My bit of the plane was the only bit that wasn’t on fire. In the distance I saw a sign so I run towards it. I stopped and it said WELCOME TO PARADISE ISLAND. I thought that I would have an explore. I climbed through the bush and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Amazing! I took my jacket off because it was boiling hot just like Hawaii. Then a herd of animals came running towards me. Aaaaaaaa I scream are they going to eat me? But no they pick me up and help me build a hut to keep me warm and sheltered. Then we walked around in the bush to find some mango for tea and berries for breakfast. Then dug  a hole right beside the hutt. I went to my plane set to find emergency cups and bowls. The next thing I did was put cold water in a bowl and put it over the fire to boil it. Then I felt tired so I went into the hut and went to sleep. I Was dreaming about home and I thought I heard my alarm clock go off but actually it was an enormous cruise ship. I ate some berries for breakfast and made five fires to signal it. The cruise ship started to turn around and come towards me then it stopped in front of the Island and the driver said “come aboard”. I brought my jungle friends on too. What a coincidence The ship was also heading to Hawaii. We drove off into the sun set heading for boiling hot Hawaii with my best jungle friends.
By Jess

Dream Giver - Charlotte Mckinlay

Have you ever wondered were your dreams come from ?
I the dream giver make all your nightmares go away. Flying into your house I fly through your window seeing if your asleep then I get my magic eggs and crack them on things you like. Tonight I visit Grace flying through her window I find her favourite pony toy she loves to play with.

I then crack an egg on her toy pony. I put the eggs on her bed. I was looking for something else she likes then smash an egg falls off the bed cracking on her scary clown book. I grabbed the book seeing what was happening. She was walking through a fair she needed to go to the bathroom so she set off to the girls toilet clowns followed her were ever she would go wearing scary masks.

I went in the book cracking eggs on the clowns turning them into cute little bunnies. she wondered why they turned into bunnies. I grabbed her dolphin toy cracking the very last egg on the toy. She woke up I flew as fast as a cheater right out the window in a second leaving her another pony toy. I'll see her tomorrow.

Motto: Never leave scary books beside your bed or you might get a bad nightmare like Grace and also never read scary books or watch scary movies before bedtime.

The Statue - Jake


Along the long aisle in Athens, Greece lays a truck load of culture and happiness that is eternally stuck to the path in bronze steel. They are the 5 Greek gods of happiness. The ancient and famous work of that is the statue, it is there to remind people to have fun, live your life to the max and don’t stress.Along the long aisle in Athens, Greece lays a truck load of culture and happiness that is eternally stuck to the path in bronze steel. They are the 5 Greek gods of happiness. The ancient and famous work of that is the statue, it is there to remind people to have fun live your life and don’t stress about anything. There they are partying without a care in the world knowing that if tomorrow doesn’t come the had a good day today. 

Camp time:)- Mya.J

Dear Diary: At Camp Iona.

Dear diary Day 1:
Today on the hike we ended up going in circles. When we finished the hike we had morning tea.  Then we went on a walk. on the walk we went through lots of rivers. we went through lots of little ones and 1 deep one it was pretty deep. I'm feeling tired. On the hike we found a fantail following everywhere we stepped. looking for bugs underneath the dirt. 

Dear Diary Day 2:
Today the B groups went to the pond. We did kayaking, sailing and making our own hand made boats. The A group went Gorging, stone calving and the confident course. My favorite part was kayaking. It was fun but tiering.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the stone sculpting.

My worst part of the day was probably walking on the bottom of the pond it was sticky, gooey, mushy, yucky and gross.

Dear Diary Day 3:
Today was the best day ever. 
My faviorte activity was archery. I got 56 points. My secons one was the confodint course. My least favirote was the gorge.

On the gorge i found it nerve racking.    On archery i found it hard on the first go but it got easyer and easyer every time.

Dear Diary Day 4 last day:
Today was the best day ever. I went to the Oamaru pool. We went on this yellow slide it had cold water to start with.

When you go down you go down very fast into the deep end.

The pool was very awesome. It had a warm pool for little kids then a adult spa pool. I went in the spa pool and it was very warm. I think I liked the adult spa pool best.


5 ancient Greek men were arguing over who would get all the money out of a poker game. The winner got 600,000 gold coins. Then a wizard came up out of nowhere and zapped them, they turned into metal. They are now eternally stuck to the concrete in Rome. You can now see metal people and feel cold metal faces. It’s now in Rome for people to see, in a plaque it reads “Never argue or something bad comes out of it” You now hear nothing to remind you.

Island Punchy Monkey - Carter

I was on a 20 hour flight to London with hail outside about to bite into a peanut, when suddenly the pilot said in a british accent “Hello passengers I have some bad news the plane has lost it’s engine we have to go for a emergency landing. Next thing I know the plane shudders to a halt in mid air CRASH!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!! I then look out the window I see a monkey with boxing gloves. All of a sudden the monkey starts talking “You are on the island Punchy Monkey” I then scream like a girl and smash the window to go and find resources for my hut.After I find branches,tree sap to glue things together, leaves, grass, stones. I then set off to find food, I find berries, cows, lamb. I then see a lovely pineapple the only one on the island. I’m about to grab it when the monkey with punching gloves comes and punches me in the belly I say OY GET OVER HERE!! Let me be your master or I will punch you back. Ok then said the monkey.They then take me to there head quarters and I ask then can you help me fix the plane? Oh goody said the monkey I’m a mechanic. They help me fix the plane I say to myself the plane doesn’t look the same. But it suprising works. I then fly to London with a sore belly.


Have you ever seen SCREAM BEFORE?
Woo Ha Ha Ha Ha
the dreamgiver cracking open his eggs

One night I slowly opened the window of a boy's bedroom with my sack of dream eggs. I flew down and got out my dream eggs from my bag and started to crack them open on the kids bed. Normally this gives them nice dreams. Nice kids get nice dreams. Then I left one on the bed and it rolled off the blankets. It smashed onto a horror mask “oh no he's going to have nightmares” I said silently. I looked closely at his face, his face looked very scared. I knew he was having nightmares about the mask on the wall. Never leave horror books, tapes and movies beside your bed.

London statue - Katie

London Statue - Katie

It’s the school holidays and I’m all the way overseas in London! At London I’ve seen many things and one of the most interesting was a statue. The statue was a group of people that were having an argument.
They did actually look kind of scary and mean. When I stroked my hand across the statue it felt all bumpy, scratchy and very cold. It wasn’t a very nice type of rock. All I could hear was dead silence. All I know that these men WERE arguing but now they are eternally silent. Maybe that will teach them for being unpleasant.

 London's famous statue


The Dream Giver // Stefan

Have you ever wondered how you get your dreams at night? Well the answer is me, and if you are wondering who I am, then you will have to read through the story...

I flew to the window of the tangy orphanage and tried to fit through it. Half way through I got stuck and couldn’t get out. “I knew I shouldn’t have had those tacos last night”. All of a sudden all my dream eggs fell on a boys Godzilla book and Ghost Rider poster. Then a wormhole appeared and the two dreams combined.

In the dream the child turned into Ghost Rider, took out his metal chain and whipped Godzilla right in the leg breaking the bone and causing him to collapse onto the ground dead.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016


The following is classified

Dear Diary

Today was a crazy day. I was off to Australia. But there was a tragedy there was a bomb on the bottom of the plane I got out at the very last second. I’m falling to my death the at long last splash I go under I kick to get to the surface finally I reach air. Wait can this be land! When I get to land I built a tree house and I fell fast asleep.

Dear Diary

I have woken up and I decided to go for a wander over the island.
I have wandered into a cave I found a room of which is where I am writing in my diary I saw a gem it looked a bit like ruby and red diamond I’m just touching it.

Dear Diary

I have just mined the gem out with the trusty pickaxe I just chipped it into the shape of a circle I saw a  lever I flipped it and the wall revolved around and I find myself in a room full of emerald I mine a bit out and turn it into a ring I place the other gem in the socket and there is a flash of blinding light and I faint.

Dear Diary

When I wake up I am surrounded by:snow foxes, huskies, polar bears, penguins and seals not to mention there are killer whales in the water beside me hang on there was no water in the cave wait i’m not in the cave and the animals are bowing down to me…

Dear Diary

The animals have made me the king of snow (the island I was stranded on) I have 2 snow foxes as my bodyguards I make life in the animal village much better. I go to Australia for a holiday how you may ask? Withe the help of my killer whale friend.

The Dream Giver -Zandar :)

Have you ever wondered how you have amazing dreams? Well i’ll tell you it is me the dream giver who gives you sweet dreams now be quiet I have to give these kids some nice dreams you get a “sweet” dream ha ha LOL, you get a star wars dream and you get a ballet dream kid no no no!!!

A kid just kicked a egg onto a TV and paranormal activity the ghost dimension was on! Oh no oh man now I have to go into the kid's head and save him before he dies because if you die in a dream you die in reality!
AAAAAHHHHH a ghost!!! splat take that you ghost fiend. Now where is that kid ah there he is time to use a wake-you-up-egg and pasamo now time for me to get out of here and goodbye cruel world .
Cool now time to write a note for the kid
“don’t leave your TV  on beside your bed and you won’t have nightmares”

and there you have it my magic.

Journey to Richend Island // By Stefan

I was planning to go to the UK to meet my grandma, but instead my plane crashed and a new adventure started…

The jets started and the wheels left the runway. I flew high off the ground leaving the airport. It was a seventeen hour trip from NZ to the UK so I decided to get some rest. I a loud bang woke me up and I noticed the plane was starting to loose altitude. Everyone screamed as the plane plummeted to a strange looking island. The plane hit the ground hard and I was left on the ground unconscious.

My eyes opened and I got up with a groan, I looked around and I noticed everyone was on the ground, dead. The door had fallen down so I got out of the plane onto the strange island. I noticed a bird the bigger than a car eating pythons instead of worms and it tries to land on my shoulder, I scream from the birds weight and it realises it is too big to hop on my shoulder. I soon found out the bird was friendly and I named him Rex. I also decided to give the island a name, but i hadn’t thought of that. I decided to go for a wander with Rex. I found a mineshaft and decided to find anything cool. I walked through the cobwebbed entrance and nearly fainted to find out what was under the island, the entier underneath of the island was made of pure gold. Then I had the perfect name for the island, Richend Island.

I wander some more and with my luck I found a abandoned palace. I spend a few hours getting off most of the cobwebs and I started to get very hungry, luckily the palace is surround by Berrie bushes. It had been seven days on the island. Fortunately rescuers came today and they said they where here to save me but I said no and decided to stay on, Richend Island.

The Magic Remote // By Stefan

In my hot little hand is pure magic - a magic remote, I point it at the cops as i ran out of the bank, pausing them to the spot. I kicked over one of the frozen statues and continued to run. The coins jingled in my pocket as eight more police came in there cars, there was no way I could outrun them. Then I remembered that I had a remote that could control the universe. I pointed the remote at myself and pressed fast forward. There I was zooming past traffic, faster than flash. The cops went full throttle but I was still faster than them. I zoomed home, covered the windows and barricaded the door. I fed my pet pug Tom and just for fun I pressed rewind. I was meant to make Tom uneat his food but I accidentally pointed it at myself, and before I knew it  I was running backwards. I ended up back in time when I had just ran out of the bank. The cops I froze before had just unfrozen so they handcuffed me and took me to jail.