Monday, March 14, 2016

Camp time:)- Mya.J

Dear Diary: At Camp Iona.

Dear diary Day 1:
Today on the hike we ended up going in circles. When we finished the hike we had morning tea.  Then we went on a walk. on the walk we went through lots of rivers. we went through lots of little ones and 1 deep one it was pretty deep. I'm feeling tired. On the hike we found a fantail following everywhere we stepped. looking for bugs underneath the dirt. 

Dear Diary Day 2:
Today the B groups went to the pond. We did kayaking, sailing and making our own hand made boats. The A group went Gorging, stone calving and the confident course. My favorite part was kayaking. It was fun but tiering.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the stone sculpting.

My worst part of the day was probably walking on the bottom of the pond it was sticky, gooey, mushy, yucky and gross.

Dear Diary Day 3:
Today was the best day ever. 
My faviorte activity was archery. I got 56 points. My secons one was the confodint course. My least favirote was the gorge.

On the gorge i found it nerve racking.    On archery i found it hard on the first go but it got easyer and easyer every time.

Dear Diary Day 4 last day:
Today was the best day ever. I went to the Oamaru pool. We went on this yellow slide it had cold water to start with.

When you go down you go down very fast into the deep end.

The pool was very awesome. It had a warm pool for little kids then a adult spa pool. I went in the spa pool and it was very warm. I think I liked the adult spa pool best.

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