Monday, March 14, 2016

dream catcher Issy

The dream catcher
Have you ever wondered why you have bad dreams well let me tell you. I’m the evil dream catcher when the dream giver comes and gives a happy dream to a child i come and put a nightmare?

On a quiet night i hid lurking in the shadows waiting for the dream giver. He stopped creep out of the window at 1000 miles a second of the orphanage. I crawl in through a small window i see a big book of haunted tales beside the little boys bed.

I open the page to chapter 5 the haunted house of the girl. I crack open the egg let it rip There's going to be  a great terrifying nightmare tonight.

They wake up screaming i scurry off evil as i am wait for the next evil scary story :moto: never leave scary books beside your bed at night.   
by Issy
video here

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