Monday, March 14, 2016

Dream Giver - Charlotte Mckinlay

Have you ever wondered were your dreams come from ?
I the dream giver make all your nightmares go away. Flying into your house I fly through your window seeing if your asleep then I get my magic eggs and crack them on things you like. Tonight I visit Grace flying through her window I find her favourite pony toy she loves to play with.

I then crack an egg on her toy pony. I put the eggs on her bed. I was looking for something else she likes then smash an egg falls off the bed cracking on her scary clown book. I grabbed the book seeing what was happening. She was walking through a fair she needed to go to the bathroom so she set off to the girls toilet clowns followed her were ever she would go wearing scary masks.

I went in the book cracking eggs on the clowns turning them into cute little bunnies. she wondered why they turned into bunnies. I grabbed her dolphin toy cracking the very last egg on the toy. She woke up I flew as fast as a cheater right out the window in a second leaving her another pony toy. I'll see her tomorrow.

Motto: Never leave scary books beside your bed or you might get a bad nightmare like Grace and also never read scary books or watch scary movies before bedtime.

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