Monday, March 14, 2016

Island Punchy Monkey - Carter

I was on a 20 hour flight to London with hail outside about to bite into a peanut, when suddenly the pilot said in a british accent “Hello passengers I have some bad news the plane has lost it’s engine we have to go for a emergency landing. Next thing I know the plane shudders to a halt in mid air CRASH!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!! I then look out the window I see a monkey with boxing gloves. All of a sudden the monkey starts talking “You are on the island Punchy Monkey” I then scream like a girl and smash the window to go and find resources for my hut.After I find branches,tree sap to glue things together, leaves, grass, stones. I then set off to find food, I find berries, cows, lamb. I then see a lovely pineapple the only one on the island. I’m about to grab it when the monkey with punching gloves comes and punches me in the belly I say OY GET OVER HERE!! Let me be your master or I will punch you back. Ok then said the monkey.They then take me to there head quarters and I ask then can you help me fix the plane? Oh goody said the monkey I’m a mechanic. They help me fix the plane I say to myself the plane doesn’t look the same. But it suprising works. I then fly to London with a sore belly.

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