Thursday, March 3, 2016

Journey to Richend Island // By Stefan

I was planning to go to the UK to meet my grandma, but instead my plane crashed and a new adventure started…

The jets started and the wheels left the runway. I flew high off the ground leaving the airport. It was a seventeen hour trip from NZ to the UK so I decided to get some rest. I a loud bang woke me up and I noticed the plane was starting to loose altitude. Everyone screamed as the plane plummeted to a strange looking island. The plane hit the ground hard and I was left on the ground unconscious.

My eyes opened and I got up with a groan, I looked around and I noticed everyone was on the ground, dead. The door had fallen down so I got out of the plane onto the strange island. I noticed a bird the bigger than a car eating pythons instead of worms and it tries to land on my shoulder, I scream from the birds weight and it realises it is too big to hop on my shoulder. I soon found out the bird was friendly and I named him Rex. I also decided to give the island a name, but i hadn’t thought of that. I decided to go for a wander with Rex. I found a mineshaft and decided to find anything cool. I walked through the cobwebbed entrance and nearly fainted to find out what was under the island, the entier underneath of the island was made of pure gold. Then I had the perfect name for the island, Richend Island.

I wander some more and with my luck I found a abandoned palace. I spend a few hours getting off most of the cobwebs and I started to get very hungry, luckily the palace is surround by Berrie bushes. It had been seven days on the island. Fortunately rescuers came today and they said they where here to save me but I said no and decided to stay on, Richend Island.

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