Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Dream Giver -Zandar :)

Have you ever wondered how you have amazing dreams? Well i’ll tell you it is me the dream giver who gives you sweet dreams now be quiet I have to give these kids some nice dreams you get a “sweet” dream ha ha LOL, you get a star wars dream and you get a ballet dream kid no no no!!!

A kid just kicked a egg onto a TV and paranormal activity the ghost dimension was on! Oh no oh man now I have to go into the kid's head and save him before he dies because if you die in a dream you die in reality!
AAAAAHHHHH a ghost!!! splat take that you ghost fiend. Now where is that kid ah there he is time to use a wake-you-up-egg and pasamo now time for me to get out of here and goodbye cruel world .
Cool now time to write a note for the kid
“don’t leave your TV  on beside your bed and you won’t have nightmares”

and there you have it my magic.

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