Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Magic Remote // By Stefan

In my hot little hand is pure magic - a magic remote, I point it at the cops as i ran out of the bank, pausing them to the spot. I kicked over one of the frozen statues and continued to run. The coins jingled in my pocket as eight more police came in there cars, there was no way I could outrun them. Then I remembered that I had a remote that could control the universe. I pointed the remote at myself and pressed fast forward. There I was zooming past traffic, faster than flash. The cops went full throttle but I was still faster than them. I zoomed home, covered the windows and barricaded the door. I fed my pet pug Tom and just for fun I pressed rewind. I was meant to make Tom uneat his food but I accidentally pointed it at myself, and before I knew it  I was running backwards. I ended up back in time when I had just ran out of the bank. The cops I froze before had just unfrozen so they handcuffed me and took me to jail.

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