Monday, March 14, 2016

The Plane Crash - Jess

Today is the day! I have been packing all morning. The taxi   came to  a  stop. I was at the airport. I  jumped out of the taxi and ran excitedly into the airport.  I took the first flight to Hawaii. “Hawaii here I come” I shouted. As we were flying over the Tasman Sea I heard a Bang coming from the back of the plane. Smoke is pouring in and sparks fly around me. Next thing I found myself lying on an island. I put my jacket over my head and counted to ten. I took it off and  all the sparks and smoke were gone. My bit of the plane was the only bit that wasn’t on fire. In the distance I saw a sign so I run towards it. I stopped and it said WELCOME TO PARADISE ISLAND. I thought that I would have an explore. I climbed through the bush and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Amazing! I took my jacket off because it was boiling hot just like Hawaii. Then a herd of animals came running towards me. Aaaaaaaa I scream are they going to eat me? But no they pick me up and help me build a hut to keep me warm and sheltered. Then we walked around in the bush to find some mango for tea and berries for breakfast. Then dug  a hole right beside the hutt. I went to my plane set to find emergency cups and bowls. The next thing I did was put cold water in a bowl and put it over the fire to boil it. Then I felt tired so I went into the hut and went to sleep. I Was dreaming about home and I thought I heard my alarm clock go off but actually it was an enormous cruise ship. I ate some berries for breakfast and made five fires to signal it. The cruise ship started to turn around and come towards me then it stopped in front of the Island and the driver said “come aboard”. I brought my jungle friends on too. What a coincidence The ship was also heading to Hawaii. We drove off into the sun set heading for boiling hot Hawaii with my best jungle friends.
By Jess

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