Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Evil Easter Bunny - Ella.L

Have you ever seen the Easter bunny's twin Jeff? Well you don't want to. Date 2016 Sunday march 26 the night Jeff attacks. Jeff is getting ready to kill little innocent lives while his brother perfect Pat is putting out chocolate eggs. It’s time to kill some kiddies. First house 12 Mulberry Lane a kid called Katie he ate everything but saved a little blood for samples next house. 11A Douglas Street two kids called Jessica and Molly he got some ear wax then stuffed their heads in his mouth then sucked the rest of the body in his mouth. Next house was 13 Churchill Road some kids called Flynn, Willow and Bella were watching TV. Jeff turned up and ate their brains and their eyeballs then nibbled them to death with his big buck teeth. Last house 17 Freddy Lane Mya and Holly were having a sleepover at Holly's house they were playing in Holly's room. Then Jeff came over and ripped some hearts out and also got some lunges then ripped apart their flesh then swallowed them whole. He hopped as fast as a cheetah back home he got all of his ingredients then chucked in some of his hair he plucked then woof a huge monster came alive he was to strong they disappeared into their own realm and made their own empire. Back at earth Katie, Flynn, Willow, Bella, Mya and Holly all reappeared back.

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Jeff the Easter Bunny's twin brother.

Scary Easter Bunny // Stefan

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Once there was a teenager who loved easter. She was very desperate to catch the easter bunny in the act so she camped out in her hut and waited. At about midnight she heard these grunting and sliding noises coming towards her. She saw two bright blue eyes, a nose and two ears. She jumped up and screamed “the easter bunny, I found you at last” but he turned away, went to the closet ate all her soft toys and closed himself in. I waited for about an hour locked the closet door and decided to get some rest. She didn't get to sleep easily because of the easter bunny in her closet but she dozed off eventually. She woke up at about the middle of the night and saw the easter bunny in front of her bed with a chainsaw in his hands. He pulled the string and the chainsaw roared to life. Blood splattered for miles and organs flew onto the windows. And if you're wondering why the easter bunny is evil, than let me take you back 30 years. 30 years ago everything was normal, the easter bunny was dropping eggs all over the place and the kids found and ate them. But one day these tenagers saw the easter bunny and thought he was a weirdo in an easter bunny costume so the threw egg nog at him. The easter bunny was highly allergic to egg noc so it turned him evil, so from there on he said he would murder every teenager and younger (because they would be a teenager when they grow up). And from now on he has followed his own promise. In the morning the mother came to wake up her daughter and saw tons of blood on the windows. Then someone whipped the blood of from the inside. At first she thought it was her daughter but soon she found out it was a bunny, an evil bunny. The door unlocked and out came the bunny…

To Be Continued!!!

One Terrible Easter - Carter

One dark bad friday in 2016 far over the Atlantic ocean  on easter island it was all calm until there was an EXPLOSION and it was EASTER BUNNY who had just grew big long yellow teeth and dirty fur. He found the big marshmallow gun and shouted DON'T WANT YOU HERE GOODBYE” BANG. in a blink of an  eye he had killed his fellow bunnies and chicks.

HA HA HA HA HE HE I am the bunny king now. Night was   and the evil easter bunny had just finished getting his private jet ready to fly off and kill every child in the whole entire world AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!.  He thought to himself wow that private jet can go anywhere. And the pilot is as skinny as a sausage!! Off the evil easter bunny goes to the children.

London MURDERED India MURDERED New Zealand MURDERED Everyone MURDERED. This turned out to be the best easter ever. Well for the easter bunny it was. Off back to Easter Island to get ready for the next victims China Usa and Fiji. Off he goes again to MURDER. He arrives ready set GO China MURDERED USA MURDERED AND Fiji MURDERED. There was as much blood as a tiger eating a springbok.Done until next year fellow friends or shall I say dead friends HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA  SNORT. I WIN YOU LOSE HOPE YOU GET MORE BLOOD BACK. NOT!!! Back to Evil Easter Island he goes for another year. He was so thirsty  he could drink the pacific ocean.