Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Attention beach lovers we have some bad news: Image result for bad news sign

Yesterday beach lovers saw something terrible. It happened at St Clair Beach. The high tide and gale force winds made a very big sinkhole. We asked a citizen what happened here is what he said…
“I was walking along the beach with his dog and then I saw it a sinkhole about
20m x 20m x 20m” he said that it was probably erosion. But he was really surprised that the waves got up that far. We are now filling the hole up with sand again the workers said the pouring the sand into the hole will be finished by wednesday and that replanting the
sand dunes will take on day.

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My Home Holiday - by Brock Wilson

My Home Holiday

In the holidays I started playing Forza Horizon it's a racing game based off Forza Motorsport and there’s tons of championship’s that you can compete in and street races that you can win millions of dollars. Plus you can even win other people's cars, but do be careful because you can lose your own car too. You also have to work your way up to getting other bands, in the holidays
I went from the green band to the
blue band to the pink band then
to the orange band. I have two
Ferrari's two Lamborghinis
and a super fast lotus
they are all fully
and all
paint jobs.

The other thing I did in the holiday’s  is I watched  the road to El Dorado in my room
on netflix , my favorite character is the
horse because it is the funniest character in the movie. My favorite part is when the horse pushes the two main characters down the 400,000,000 steps of El Dorado. And after the movie I got a sty in my eye.