Monday, June 20, 2016

The Dream-Mare // Stefan

The Dream-Mare

9:00 pm. I put on my cow pajamas and got ready for bed. Teeth check, shower, check, teddys, check and blankets, check.

I pulled down the covers and climbed into bed.I started counting cows, 1 cow, 5 cows, 10 cows, 7 cows. I finally dozed off to sleep like a hibernating bear.

In the morning I woke up, but where was I? Had my parents dumped me inside an abandoned shack. I was freezing and scared. Eerie noises filled my ears as a cow with fire red eyes looked at me through the window.

A herd of flesh eating cows came towards me with their razor sharp teeth. Luckily my parents forced me to take karate lessons so I tried to bicycle kick one but it caught me in its horns and threw me outside.

The cows charged but as fast as lightning I ducked under one of their bellies and tickled its belly. It roared in laughter. After ten seconds it was on the ground suffocating of laughter and soon died. One down five to go. I repeated the process until there was one left. I went for the belly but it was to fast and gobbled me up in his teeth.

All of a sudden I woke up in my nice warm bed.”Phew” it was only a dream. Or was it…

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